Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I see you've made it to my portfolio! It's pink, as you've probably figured out by the name of the site and quite possibly from all the pink on the page. So, pink. It's cool. (Or, if you prefer the rose by any other name: blush, coral, flush, fuchsia, rose, magenta or salmon.) However, let not the pink fool you! I am a fan of many colors - in fact, all the vivid colors of the typical rainbow and then some. However - colors have their place and in my portfolio you'll find where they belong and where they don't. Needless to say, I am a huge advocate of white space. Dear Client, repeat after me: "White space is our friend." I'm sure my fellow designers would agree. ;)

So, welcome! Check out the goods, find out a little about me, grab a latte (Starbucks, people, Starbucks), enjoy my pink (and white) space and let me know what you think by sending me a message with comments or suggestions. Hey, I'm even open to job offers. (Hee hee.)

Have a(n) <insert adjective here> day!

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